Agricultural solutions

With the growth in modern agricultural and its byproducts, recycling is essential. Agricultural corporations, companies and farms make increasing use of waste recycling in order to reduce the amount of waste designated for landfills.

Farm waste contains organic waste which can be processed to quality organic compost and plastic products that can be processed into PLASTIC GRANULES for reuse as quality recycles raw materials in the plastics industry.

Years of experience in accompanying farmers and waste managements has allowed us to understand famers’ needs and offer them a wide range of high-quality services tailored to their needs.


Negev Ecology’s “Agricultural Solutions include:

  • Premium organic compost with “Agrior” certification
  • Urban compost and Type A sludge from the Purifying Institute for Gush Dan Spills
  • Compost diffuser greenhouses at no cos
  • Picking and shredding pruning services and uprooting of orchards authorized by the Ministry of Health
  • Agricultural waste collection and Recycling-  Agriculture Films, Drip Pipes and BIGBAG sacks
  • Professional and consulting services
  • No middlemen, no complications – a one-stop shop!

Negev Ecology” provides Picking and shredding pruning services and uprooting of orchards authorized by the Ministry of Health

The service includes a complete support system: on-site shredding or removal to a licensed Landfill site using specialized loading equipment, evacuation to a licensed site using mechanical equipment for loading, feeding the shredder and, once recycled, transporting the final product nationwide.


The company has the most advanced crushing and shredding equipment made by the world’s leading companies. This equipment is optimized for high-output work with full control over the size and quality of the chips created, adapting them to different uses such as soil cladding and energy production.


Negev Ecology” also offers a full solution for the collection, removal and treatment of poultry remains.

The company provides air-tight containers with mobile lids as part of its services. The containers are washed and disinfected after every removal.


The placement, removal and disinfection of the containers is carried out in accordance with strict standards from the Ministry of the Environment and the backing of the Ministry of Agriculture.


Negev Ecology” also collects, treats, and recycles Agricultural plastic waste.

Waste Collected:

  • Agricultural Piping
  • Irrigation / Drip Pipe
  • Covers of different types: Greenhouse covers, Ground cover sheets, Soil disinfection covers


The collection, treatment, and recycling of plastic waste is recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Tamir Corporation and the Ministry of the Environment. The company has permits and licenses from all authorities.