Business Solutions - Collection, Removal, and Treatment of Cardboard and Paper

We are a leading Israeli company that specializes in waste treatment and paper recycling. We provide “Waste 360 Recycling” solutions for all types of Paper cardboard and other cellulose products with global activity around the world.

Our paper-based waste products portfolio is segmented into corrugated cardboard, newspapers, magazines, color paper, and mixed paper.


Negev Ecology collects, removes, and recycles cardboard and paper.

The company operates in the southern and central part of the country.

Among our clients:

  • Industrial Establishments
  • Local Businesses
  • Printing Houses
  • Offices


We provide a fast, high-quality, and professional service with a wide transport system.


Negev Ecology is a licensed contractor for Tamir corporation and issues recycling certificates for reimbursement from the corporation.


“Recycling Industries” factory, in memory of Nicole Kebsa, for sorting and recycling waste, is owned by Negev Ecology and located in Ofakim. In the factory, packaging waste is sorted, separated, and recycled – cardboard, plastic, nylon and paper.


Negev Ecology” also provides wastewater treatment services. For the page click here.