Contractor Solutions

“Negev Ecology” provides contractors and renovators sustainable management of construction and demolition waste, all in one place with no broker’s interference.

The C&D sector is facing great challenges due to its massive volume and the density of materials, in addition to the complex bureaucratic regulations. Another challenge is the hazardous nature of the materials associated with it.


Our comprehensive solutions for the C&DW (Construction and Demolition Waste) debris:

End to end solutions:

We accompany the construction and renovation process from contract signing to receiving Form 4:

  • Signing of engagement certificates to receive a building permit
  • Container Placement
  • Container Removal by fleet of trucks
  • Recycling and waste treatment
  • Receive signature on Form 4


The company provides waste collection, disposal and recycling services of mixed waste including building waste, dirt and dry waste.

We operate under all permits and standards required by law. It is mandatory that removal of C&DW will be made by an authorized company only.

Accumulation of waste is forbidden and construction sites are bound by law to dispose the waste. Local authorities must abide to the ongoing removal flow in order to secure residential life quality.


  • Waste undergoes screening, grinding and sifting using advanced technologies to create recycled raw materials.
  • Removal of the construction site waste in order to maintain a clean and adequate environment.
  • Taking legal acts against anyone who illegally disposes of waste.


Our Landfill Sites:

  • “Dudaim” site

Collects and handles all types of waste (mixed waste, lumpy waste, building waste and dirt), and operates a unique sifting and sorting system based on advanced technology for sorting and treating of mixed waste.


  • Manage and operate Dimona (D.N.A) Municipality landfill site   

Collects and handles various types of waste with massive volume and high density, gathered from the southern region.


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