Electronic Waste Collection, Disposal and Treatment

Negev Ecology” specializes in evacuating electronic waste to authorized landfills only and operates with a Ministry of Health and a Ministry of Environmental Protection license. We see the utmost importance in preserving nature and diverting waste only to sites where we are sure it will be properly handled by transferring part to recycling and part to elimination, with minimal environmental damage.

Electronic waste contains quite a number of toxic substances, including lead, mercury, cadmium, tin, selenium, and combustion inhibitors. However, it also contains rare elements whose recycling can save the country quite a bit of money, so it is very important to properly treat such waste. Improper care can cause serious harm to the environment, including animals and humans, and sometimes even violate the law.

Negev Ecology” has been operating in the field of e-waste disposal for decades, and is a licensed company working with many entities from all over the country. The company’s staff has undergone all the necessary training and certifications on e-waste disposal, and is confident in its care – with all that entails.

The company owns the “Recycling Industries” factory, named for the late Nicole Kebsa, for the sorting and recycling of industrial waste. The factory sorts, separates, recycles and shreds packaging waste – cardboard, wood, plastic, nylon, paper, metal, electronics, etc.