Evacuation and Treatment of Contaminated Land

With the development of “heavy” industries, land pollution has become a nuisance for the environment. The source of the pollution comes from the flow of fuels, wastewater, heavy metals, carcinogens and pollutants into the ground, making its way to the aquifers.


Negev Ecology” operates an independent array of heavy equipment for the treatment and disposal of contaminated land to end sites, which is approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.


We also take care of land restoration by reducing the level of the contaminated soil through biological means and decomposition of pollutants. All activities are in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture’s standards and guidelines.


Negev Ecology” owns the “Dudaim” recycling and landfill site located in the Negev. The site is equipped with advanced technology and sifting and sorting system. “Dudaim” is responsible for collecting, sorting and handling all types of waste and is licensed to absorb contaminated land up to 1800 TPH.