Industry Solutions - Collection, Removal and Treatment of Industrial Waste

Negev Ecology” collects, handles, and recycles industrial plastic waste in large scales and in the thousands of tons per year.


Plastics products are collected, sorted by type, treated and recycled.

Our plastic operation is recognized by the Tamir Corporation and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The company is licensed and permitted by all authorities.

The types of plastics the company recycles: PP, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PE-100.


Additionally, the company conducts collection, removal and treatment of wood waste, cardboard, metal, and paper.


Negev Ecology is an authorized “Tamir Corporation” contractor and issues recycling permits for reimbursement from the corporation.


The company owns the “Recycling Industries” factory in Ofakim, named for the late Nicole Kebsa, for sorting and recycling industrial waste. The factory sorts, separates, recycles and shreds packaging waste – cardboard, wood, plastic, nylon, paper, metal, electronics, and more.


Negev Ecology” also provides wastewater treatment services. For the page click here.