Municipal Solid Waste - collection, disposal and treatment

Negev Ecology” collects municipal waste from local authorities, the industrial sector, private sector and other institutions.

We provide our customers a variety of services and customized solutions of waste managing as well as consulting and operational services. Our experts will assist and advise you how to manage your home waste (garbage and rubbish) and transfer it to our company for recycling. Recycling of Municipal waste is challenging as it contains food waste, which is decomposable and trash, which is dry non-perishable waste.


“Negev Ecology” owns the “Dudaim” recycling and landfill site in the Negev. TheDudaim” site collects and handles all types of waste, including Municipal waste.


The site has anorganic municipal waste sorting and recycling facility”. During the sorting process, organic municipal waste undergoes a process of composting in a closed space in order to create quality compost for agricultural use.