Organic Compost

“Negev Ecology” produces high-quality organic compost with “Agrior” certification.

The compost contains organic materials from animal waste and is suitable for all types of crops.


The compost production process includes only natural resources: the heat required comes from sunlight, and the oxygen from the open air that enters the rotation. At the end of the process, the compost is sifted in order to transfer it to the customer in the cleanest way possible. The material undergoes laboratory tests, until the “Agrior” approval of the final product is obtained.


The “Rimon” Site for the creation and marketing of compost, ownednd operated by “Negev Ecology”, is consistently supervised by professionals who accompany the composting process from raw material collection to its supply to farmers nationwide. The site is approved and monitored by the Ministry of the Environment and has an “Agrior” certificate.