"Private builders construction Guide" - Building Waste Treatment Step by Step

In order to obtain a building permit from the Israeli committee for “local Planning and Building”, one must partner with a waste management site where they can clear the C&DW (Construction and Demolition Waste) debris generated during construction.


The contract is made via a “Quantity Declaration Form” obtained from the local committee in the area of building. Your architect or engineer, operating on your behalf, will need to declare the expected amounts of waste using a calculation table.


Step 1: Submit a completed, signed quantity declaration form

Fill in the customer details on the bottom of the page, attach the quantity declaration form, and send us the documents in order for us to initiate the contract.


Step 2: Payment

Payment for the treatment of building waste will be made after completing this form and based on the declared quantities of building waste.

Different forms of payment will be acceptable.


Step 3: Obtaining the Landfill Approval Form and Site Entry Barcode

Receive a deposit confirmation into our site, including a delivery registration notebook (vouchers) and barcode for site entry. Upon receiving the payment we will send you a registration card (voucher) for site entry barcode. This voucher can be used until the completion of the payment period.


Conduct during construction:

Each contractor/driver that is clearing waste must be provided with a credit order Form, including a site entry barcode/delivery registration card (vouchers). Upon exit from the landfill site, the contractor/driver will receive a weight certificate, indicating the weight of the waste that was deposited.


Please note: Emphasize to the contractor/driver that they are required to hand over the weighting certificates they receive. This allows you to track the deposits you have made, letting you calculate the balance in your account. It is important to make sure that there is enough balance in your landfill account before the contractor/driver arrives at the site.

If your account has insufficient funds, this means that the amount of landfill purchased has been used up and we will not be able to accept any additional waste on site. Payments for additional waste must be arranged in advance.


Please note: Use of the landfill certificate is your sole responsibility. Since you are the one who is paying for the landfill, we recommend that you monitor the progress of landfilling and waste removal from the construction site. This way you can ensure that the waste removal is done on your behalf and that no other waste is carried out at your expense.


Finishing Construction – Obtaining a Residence Permit (Form 4):

At the end of the construction process, you will be given a signed landfill permit form containing the total amount of waste that entered the site on your behalf.


The form can then be submitted to obtain a Residence Permit (Form 4) or a final certificate from the Local Planning and Building Committee.