Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Negev Ecology has many years of experience and a wide range of solutions in the field of collecting, reclaiming and treating wastewater. We performed complex projects throughout the entire country.


Reusable wastewater has been requested by a number of authorities. Our fleet of tankers carries wastewater and hazardous materials from all over the country and drops them at our treating and purifying facility.


All wastewater is treated in the “Haruv” plant located in the south of Israel.

The uniqueness of this plant is its ability to treat and handle organic oils sourced from the food industry and hotels as well as sanitary and mineral oils sourced from gas stations, garages, and factories. The process requires highly advanced technological capabilities, such as filtration and monitoring, to meet the highest standards. The “Haruv” Facility is under the supervision of the water regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health.


Sewage Disposal – Dealing with sewage is a more complex procedure due to the tendency of wastewater to accumulate in the urban sewers, which may affect the entire concentration system. These services are often done by companies specializing in this area.

The purpose of the sewage treatment process is to receive “free of liquid waste” by separating the contaminants from the sewage water using chemical, biological, and physical procedures. The end result obtains solid waste.


Separation Process Products:

  • Reusable mineral oils – “renewed oil”.
  • Recycled organic oils for the manufacturing process in the compost and biodiesel industry.
  • Purified water produced in the process is recycled for use in agriculture.


Another aspect of our wastewater treatment includes routine maintenance activity, pipe flushing and washing In order to prevent bad odor and overflowing of the sewage.

The maintenance work is carried out by sewer contractors who are well acquainted with the sewer lines and know how to perform line washing using the proper equipment.