Negev Ecology Group main focus: collecting and transporting the mass volume of waste materials and their transformation into raw materials at a high standard and quality ready to be exported worldwide.
We possess an advanced logistics operational networking which enables us to carry out both external &internal recycling activities, stay involved throughout the entire product life cycle, ensuring its extensive sustainable use:

  1. Large number of facilities
  2. Recycling plants
  3. Landfill sites 
  4. Fleet of 100 trucks

All facilities and activities are accredited in accordance with ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO18001


Our Value Proposition

  1. Deep knowledge and know-how dealing with the stream of waste materials.
  2. Demonstrated experience accompanied by new technologies in order to create a cleaner and greener environment for ourselves and for generations to come.
  3. Consultation services with customizable and cost-effective solutions on how to treat domestic garbage, food and industrial waste.
  4. End-to-end solutions for the entire waste cycle.
  5. We introduce a change in perception of a products’ lifecycle by extending the product’s usability with recycling.

Our History and Milestones

Negev Ecology was founded in 2007 and currently employs over 250 people.

Company offices are located in the south of Israel, a one-hour drive from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport.

We deal with 2 million tons annually, about 1/6 of the total waste in Israel.

The company provides a variety of solutions: consulting and designing a system for the removal of diverse waste; Placing appropriate retention tools emphasizing development, innovation, and customer customization; Waste collection and transportation through the company’s transport system; Waste management and sorting at authorized company sites; Waste recycling; Producing and marketing high-quality composts of three types: organic compost, urban compost and sludge; And exports of waste to designated plants abroad for further use and recycling of paper and cardboard.

  1. Types of Waste We Handle:
  2. Cardboard, boxboard, corrugated cardboard, wood, plastics materials, containers, nylon, greenhouse nylon
  3. Paper and other cellulose products
  4. Agricultural Waste: Agriculture Films, Drip Pipes and BIGBAG sacks
  5. Industrial Waste
  6. Ferrous Metals, scrap steel, electrical components
  7. C&D: Construction and demolition debris, building Waste & Asbestos
  8. Animal waste and secretions
  9. Municipal & Household waste, garbage and rubbish.
  10. Sludges & Wastewater
  11. Contaminated soil

Company Sites and Facilities:

  1. “Recycling Industries” – Dry Waste Treatment and Recycling
  2. “Rimon” Site – Compost Production and Marketing
  3. Picking and shredding pruning
  4. “Dudaim” – The Park for Recycling and Environmental Education
  5. “Haruv” Facility – Wastewater Treatment
  6. “Negev Recycling” – Recycling Agricultural waste
  7. Municipal waste sorting and recycling plant
  8. “Rishon Lezion” – a site for sorting and Recycling building waste
  9. “D.N.A” site – Landfill site
  10. “Igudan” – loading, transporting and handling Gush Dan spills.
  11. Large number of facilities

Among our clients

Governmental institutions

Authorities and public organizations



Printing houses

Building Contractors


Food chains


We have partnerships with various recycling companies, including TMIR, the Contractor’s Association and more

Our collaborators come from all over the world and our work has contributed to the conservation of natural resources, reducing greenhouse emissions and saving energy.