Production Marketing of Compost

Hayun Ecology has been producing and marketing quality compost in accordance with the highest and strictest standards in Israel since 1969. The company is run by Mr. Yitzhak Hayun, the pioneer of compost production in Israel and one of the most senior and respected professionals in the field.

The senior company, which is known for its meticulous production process, operates under continuous monitoring of various professionals who monitor the maturation process of the compost – from the stage of gathering raw materials from the cowsheds to the final stage of supply to farmers around Israel. Throughout the production process, the material is sampled several times and sent to laboratories in order to receive quality analysis and approvals, including an approval for organic compost.

At the end of this meticulous process, Hayun Ecology is able to offer the farmers a rich, clean, sifted product with an airy, homogeneous texture. The quality of the compost enables perfect spreading over the field and maximal results.