Wastewater treatment

The Negev Ecology Company operates a wastewater treatment & purification plant. The plant, one of a kind in the south of Israel, is located in Kibbutz Mishmar HaNegev. The plant treats organic oils originated in the food, hotelkeeping and catering industries as well as mineral oils originated in gas stations, garages and factories. The purification process is a unique process which is based on physical separation, mechanical separation and biodegradation. The process includes the most innovative, high-standard means of filtering, monitoring and control.

Separation Products:

  • Recycled mineral oils for reuse “restored oil”.
  • Recycled organic oils for production processes in the compost & bio-diesel industry.
  • Purified water produced throughout the process return to the water market and used in agriculture.
The plant is authorized and supervised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health.The plant in Haruv Site complies with water regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection:
2003 – (Prevention of water pollution, PH values of industry wastewater).
2000 – (Prevention of water pollution, metals and other pollutants).
The guiding principles of Negev Ecology are protection of the environment and creation of recycling solutions.