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Negev Ecology” provides builders and constructors sustainable waste management and recycling for C&D (Construction and Demolition) debris from early stages of signing the contract until the receipt of building permit -Form 4

Company assets:

2 licensed sites

Dudaim - The Park for Recycling and Environmental Education

Designed for the treatment and recycling of municipal waste & C&DW (Construction and Demolition waste).

Rishon Lezion

Designed for the treatment and recycling of C&DW (Construction and Demolition waste).

Fleet of Trucks, over then 100 Vehicles

Variety of storage containers

Generated raw materials

from the recycling process

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Step 1:

Initial engagement

Please fill in the listed fields and upload the Quantity Declaration Form:  

The Quantity Declaration Form could be also sent via e-mail or by Whatsapp 

  • You can obtain the “Quantity Declaration Form” from your local building committee adding architect or engineer declaration regarding the expected amounts of waste for the project.

In order to obtain a building permit from the Israeli committee for “local Planning and Building”, one must partner with a waste management site where they can clear the C&DW (Construction and Demolition Waste) debris generated during construction.

Step 2:

Placing containers at customer’s building site

Step 3:

Collection, removal and transportation of waste to an authorized site

Step 4

Sorting, separation and recycling of the C&DW

Step 5:

Obtaining final report and official authorization on the contact form Within you could receive Residence Permit (Form 4)

Conduct during construction:

On each waste clearing you must provide your contractor or driver with your credit order Form, site entry barcode, registration card (vouchers). When exiting from the landfill site, the contractor or driver will receive a weight certificate, indicating the total amount of waste that was deposited.

Please make sure to receive from your contractor or driver the final weighting certificates which enable you to track the deposits and make balanced account calculation.

Please make sure you have credit balance at your account before the entry of river to site. Lack of credit will indicate that the quota purchased from the landfill has been fully utilized and needs to reset payment. Trucks will not be allowed to enter the site without financial coverage.

One final tip:

As the paying entity, it is your sole responsibility to make use of the landfill certificate. We highly recommend that you follow up the entire process ensuring that the waste deposit is made on your behalf and not at your expense without your knowledge.



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