!The fate of the earth is in our own hands

We are proud to be the Israeli Ecological leading company for recycling waste

Being adynamic and growing company, characterized by a vibrant working environment, we eknowledge that our people are our great pride and the most important asset, partners in fulfilling the company’s vision to create a green and waste-free world

We invest in the cultivation and construction of the company’s human capital in professional and personal areas and provide our employees with job security, interest and challenge over time.

Join us for the Green Revolution

Why choosing Negev Ecology

We offer our employees a variety of career opportunities and a paths for personal development

Employee Benefits

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Personal development

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Recurit workers

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Focusing on our people

A human mosaic represents all shades of Israeli society

The human capital has been and remains the most important 

Our worldview focuses on the professional and personal development of our employees and maintaining an open and ongoing dialogue at all times.resource in our operations


Building a career

Negev Ecology is growing rapidly and offers plenty of roles, opportunities and development paths for every employee

In addition, the company holds training and development courses for its managers

Work experience

Conducting welfare activities for its mployees



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