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Get to know our comprehensive waste recycling solutions, a whole world of ecological opportunities, in a wide range of materials. Custom made solutions, for all sectors in five steps only, through which we turn waste into raw materials of high quality disabled to the industry for reuse.

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licensed sites nationwide
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Step 01


Planning the waste disposal system:

Understanding and characterization our customers’ needs unable us to offer them a wide range of waste treatment and recycling solutions for different kind of materials, focusing on separation at source. Our service includes placing containers at customer’s sites, collection, removal and transportation of waste to an


Step 02


Transportation of waste from our customer’s to authorize sites only:

Making use of our advanced logistics operational network includes fleet of 100 Vehicles, trucks, heavy equipment and variety of containers:

  • Crane trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Sewage pumping trucks
  • Compressed trucks

Step 03

Waste treatment

Each site holds different specialties of waste treatment:

The collected materials discharge at the nominated site and undergo sorting and recycling processes using innovative and advance sorting systems which allow several sorting to be carried out simultaneously.

The sorting system includes:

  • Initial manual sorting and from there the waste is sorted and divides into two streams: Dry and Organic.
  • Organic waste is fed to the conveyor and passes through several stations:
  1. Steel magnet to remove metals from the stream.
  2. GORE plant for composting.

The dry stream passes through several stations as well:

  1. Additional sorting
  2. Ballistic separator
  3. Optical separator
  4. High air pressure Fan
  5. Manual sorting

Step 04

Recycling process

Generated raw materials from the recycling process:

 Following the global trend aimed of preservation of the environment through the use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials and products, the waste treated in the company sites undergoes several processes in order to turn them into raw materials which will return to the industry for Reuse.

By products of the recycling process:

  • Cardboard and paper of various types
  • Plastic granules HDPE, LDPE, MDPE
  • Compost and sludge
  • Crushed stone/ Shredded stone

Step 05


Exports of recycled raw materials overseas:

Certain amount of the recycled raw materials which have no demand in the local market, are exported to industrial plants abroad. For example, the paper and cardboard waste is sold to a paper mills and turned into Pulp that will be used to manufacture new products in the toiletries and packaging industry.

We provide comprehensive waste services solutions

and you can enjoy the peace of mind, time and money saving, knowing that your waste treated properly in accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Services package by sectors:
Builders & Constructors
Agriculturists & Farmers
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Waste recycling solutions for all types of materials:
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