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Comprehensive Basket of full solutions

“Negev Ecology” provides Farmers with a basket-full of solutions in everything related to the treatment and recycling of waste from agricultural origin.

Company assets:

5 licensed sites

Haruv Facility

Generated Raw materials from the recycling process

Overall services per stages

How does it work?

Step 1


Initial call, identify customer’s needs, waste management chain supply.

Step 2

Placing of storage containers and heavy equipment transport to end user sites:

  • Pruner shredder  
  • Disinfection of sealed plastic containers

Step 3

Collection, removal and transportation of waste to an authorized site

  • Collection and shredding of pruning at the customer’s home  
  • Collecting carcasses  
  • Collecting plastic sheets from greenhouses  
  • Collecting plastic pipe and drips from fields  
  • Waste collection from packing factories  
  • Sewage pumping.

Step 4

Sorting, separation and recycling of the waste materials by different types:

  • Grinding and washing polyethylene pipes and drips and turned them into LDPE, MDPE, HDPE granules.  
  • Sorting and separation of Polypropylene  
  • Destruction of poultry carcasses  
  • Sludge supply  
  • Products destruction
*Our services are recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Tamir Corporation and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.



Accessibility Statement

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