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End -to-end waste recycling solutions for all types of materials

Complementary services:

C&DW (Construction and Demolition waste)

"Negev Ecology" provides builders, contractors, architects and engineers with a comprehensive package of solutions in the field of waste treatment, transportation and recycling of construction and demolition waste, from initial engagement until receiving Permit (Form 4).

The company possesses:

  • Two authorized sites with certified signature on the Initial building engagement.
  • 100 trucks and vehicles of various types: dumping truck, double truck, crane truck.
  • Storage containers in wide range: 8 CBM and 16 CBM.

The construction and demolition debris are treated in the company sites and undergoes several processes (sorting, grinding, crushing) in order to recycle and turn them into raw materials. The generated raw materials from the recycling process will return to the infrastructure and building sector.

The company also provides demolition services.

Cardboard and paper waste

"Negev Ecology" provides businesses, industry, plants, local authorities, printing houses and other bodies, end to end waste service solutions in the field of waste treatment, transportation and recycling of cardboard and paper products of all types.

Our paper-based waste products portfolio is segmented into corrugated cardboard, newspapers, magazines, color paper, and mixed paper.

We provide “Waste 360° recycling” solutions for all types of Paper cardboard and other cellulose products with global activity around the world.

The waste management plan includes understanding of customer needs, supplying tailor-made solutions for his unique operational requests: placing the storage containers, cardboard cages, paper bins and bags, compressor equipment.

The company poses:

  • An authorized site designed for treatment and recycling of cardboard, paper and dry waste materials.
  • Over 100 vehicles, compression trucks and secure vehicles.
  • A wide range of retaining tools, storage containers.

Additional services provided by us: handling and surrendering of documents and hardware with confidential information.

The company is an authorized contractor of the Tamir Corporation and issues a recycling certificate to receive a refund from the corporation.

Plastic waste

"Negev Ecology” provides farmers an extensive basket of product with cutting edge solutions for the treatment and recycling of plastic scrap from agricultural origin. The waste management plan includes collection of the plastic sheets from the greenhouses and piping irrigation materials from the agricultural fields.

The materials arrive at “Negev Recycling” factory and undergo sorting and cleaning process.  The Polyethylene scrap material is feeds into the crusher machine and from there to the extruder which turns the material to Granules of three types (LDPE, MDPE, HDPE). The properties of the granules are of high-quality, high level of cleanliness and homogeneous.

The company possesses:

  • An authorized site designed for treatment and recycling of plastic waste.
  • Over 100 vehicles, Crane trucks and other equipment.


"Negev Ecology” provides collection, pumping and treatment of sewage of three types: Minerals, Sanitary, Fat and Oils from organic source. The services are given to a wide variety of facilities and bodies such as: Factories, food industry, hotels, garages, water purification facilities, sewage collection pools and other sources.

“Haruv” is one-of-a kind sewage treatment facility, serving the entire Negev aera. All services preformed are according to the water regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and supervised by the Ministry of Health. The pumping process is performed by using a designed equipment and fleet of tankers. The residues are transported to the Haruv Facility for further treatment and separation of pollutants from the sewage water. The separation process is carried out using chemical and biological processes. Additional services provides by the Haruv Facility includes: line washing and maintenance, working in a cloased space.

Operations are successflly made thanks to using an advanced logistics operational network: professional team of over 300 employees, a fleet of 100 vehicles, tankers and heavy machinery. Our team of professionals has extensive experience and familarity with sewer line systtems. The importance of lines maintenance operations is designed to prevent bad odor, overflow and blockages.


Municipal and household waste

Negev Ecology collects Municipal and household waste from the local authorities, industrial sector, private sector and other institutions. The household waste is transferred to a new indoor sorting facility where odor gas emissions are neutralized. More than 1,200 tons of household garbage, per day, can be treated at the facility thanks to an innovative conveyors system and three huge industrial tromels.

The company possesses:

  • An authorized site designed for treatment and recycling of municipal waste.
  • Over 100 vehicles and compression trucks.
  •  Professional team of experts who will guide, assist and advise how to manage your home and transfer it to our company for recycling. Recycling of municipal waste is challenging as it contains food waste, which is decomposable and trash, which is dry non+ perishable waste.

 The sorting system includes an initial manual sorting and from there the waste is sorted and divides into two streams: Dry and Organic.

The organic waste is fed to the conveyor and passes through several stations:

  1. Steel magnet to remove metals from the stream.
  2. GORE plant for composting.

The dry stream passes through several stations as well:

  1. Additional sorting
  2. Ballistic separator
  3. Optical separator
  4. High air pressure Fan
  5. Manual sorting

Electronics waste

“Negev Ecology” specializes in transporting electronic waste to authorized landfill sites only. Operation is carried out under license from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Electronic waste contains a large number of toxic substances, including lead, mercury, cadmium, tin, selenium, and combustion inhibitors. However, it also contains rare elements whose recycling can save the country quite a bit of money, so it is very important to properly treat such waste. Improper care of the waste can cause serious harm to the environment including animals and humans, and sometimes even violate the law.

“Negev Ecology” has been operating in the field of electronic waste for many years and the company staff undergone through all the necessary training and graduations.

Metal and wood

Negev Ecology provides the local authorities, industrial sector, private sector and others treatment and recycling services for metal waste and wooden pallets.

Land restoration

“Negev Ecology” operates in the field of land restoration and treatment and of contaminated soil.

With the development of “heavy” industries, land pollution has become a serious environmental problem. The source of the pollution comes from the flow of fuels, wastewater, heavy metals, carcinogens and pollutants into the ground, making its way to the aquifers.

The company possesses:

  • An authorized site designed for treatment of contaminated soil.
  • Heavy duty vehicles and equipment.

Land restoration, reducing soil contaminated level is done by using biological and decomposition means.

 All activities are carried with accordance to the Ministry of Agriculture’s standards & guidelines and approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Carcasses and animals secretions

Negev Ecology provides farmers, animal breeders and chicken coop collection and disposal of carcasses by using special closed trucks and sealed plastic containers. All activities are done with the approval and supervision of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Complementary services including supply of sealed plastic containers after washing and disinfection. Placing and removal of the containers is done in accordance with the strict standards of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and with the encouragement of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Organic pruning

Negev Ecology provides Farmers, orchards, vineyards and other agricultural entities services including collection and shredding of tree pruning waste which are done at the customer sites, all over the country, by using state-of-the-art crusher and heavy mechanical equipment, manufactured by leading companies around the world. The equipment is adapted to work at high outputs, with full control over the size and quality of the chips. Complementary services including displacement of plantations.

"Gilat" Laboratory Services

Gilat laboratory is owned by the Bnei Shimon Economic Company, with over 50 years of experience in testing and sampling lands, agricultural inputs, wastewater and sewage.

Gilat Laboratory certified by the National Laboratory Accreditation Authority and with ISO17025 accreditation (an international standard for soil testing in the field of agriculture and gardening) recognized by the Ministry of Health

Compost Supply

"Negev Ecology” provides farmers organic compost approved by "Agrior". The waste collected from the farms transported to the company site and going under composting procedure in a closed facility, to create quality compost

Sludge supply

"Negev Ecology ”provides Farmers Sludg transportation and distribution services into the agricultural areas. The Igudan sludge is used to fertilize agricultural fields. "Igudan"



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